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Part numbers CB-1

-KAF- in a part number denotes the CB-1 model. You can tell by this list that the CB-1 shares several parts with other Honda models. I guess among the models sharing parts are NTV/Revere, Magna, CBR.

model part # Description More info
CB-1 17950-KAF-000 Choke cable  
CB-1 33430-KAF-000 Indicator lens  
CB-1 33406-MB2-671 Indicator lens (USA)  
CB-1 17210-KAF-000 Air filter  
CB-1 91254-MM8-003 Front fork dust seal  
CB-1 51490-MN8-305 Front fork seal set  
CB-1 43209-371-006 Rear brake piston seal  
CB-1 45109-443-870 Rear brake dust seal  
CB-1 43109-MA3-006 Front brake dust seal  
CB-1 43209-MA3-006 Front brake piston seal  
CB-1 90506-425-830 Steering head locking washer  
CB-1 61-KAF-01 Manual (USA) Order this manual at your local Honda shop if you haven't done so already. It will probably never be reprinted after stock runs out. It's in english and good enough for the Japanese bike.
CB-1 96150-63030-10 Rear wheel bearings 6303 UU, both sides
CB-1 91302-MA6-003 Rear wheel bearing O-ring  
CB-1 91252-MC4-005 Rear wheel dust cover (R)  
CB-1 91253-443-761 Rear wheel dust cover (L)  
CB-1 91051-MK4-005 Sprocket carrier (???)  
CB-1 96150-60040-10 Front wheel bearings 6004UU, both sides
CB-1 91257-KA3-712 Front wheel dust covers both sides
CB-1 45105-MS9-612 Front brake pads  
CB-1 45106-MS9-612 Front brake pads  
CB-1 43105-KT7-762 Rear brake pads  
CB-1 43106-KT7-762 Rear brake pads  
CB-1 16900-MG8-003 Fuel filter  
CB-1 44830-KAF-000 Speedo cable  
CB-1 17910-KAF-000 Throttle cable A  
CB-1 17920-KAF-000 Throttle cable B  
CB-1 22870-KAF-000 Clutch cable  
CB-1 51415-MM8-003 Fork bush slider  
CB-1 51414-MN5-003 Fork busk guide  
CB-1 30410-KAF-672 Ignition module  
CB-1 31600-MV4-010 Regulator rectifier Beware: two different models exist for CB-1, you might need the other one. Let me know if you know the part number of the other model.
CB-1 451A-KAF-670 Front brake set Updates to 06455-MS9-405
CB-1 06455-MS9-405 Front brake set  
CB-1 431A0-KAF-670 Rear brake set  
CB-1 11631-KAF-000 Starter clutch cover  
CB-1 11691-MNF-000 Gasket S.C.C.  
CB-1 28110-MV4-000 Starter Clutch  
CB-1 91022-MR8-003 Needle Bearing  
CB-1 90401-KT7-000 Washer (20mm)  
CB-1 11330-KAF-000 Right Cover  
CB-1 11396-MY9-000 Gasket  
CB-1 22201-MA7-000 Clutch Friction Disk (1)  
CB-1 22321-MT3-000 Clutch Plate B (4)  
CB-1 22201-MT6-601 Clutch Friction disk (4)  
CB-1 22201-KY2-000 Clutch Friction Disk (1)  
CB-1 22401-KY2-000 Clutch Spring (4)  
CB-1 90241-KM9-000 Lock Nut (20mm)  
CB-1 11332-KAF-000 Emblem Base Right cover  
CB-1 90073-ME9-000 Socket Bolt (6)  
CB-1 96100-62020-10 Swing arm ball bearing (x2) 2 of these needed for right hand side of swing arm
CB-1 91071-MJ0-003 Swing arm needle bearing 1 needed for left hand side of swing arm
CB-1 91071-MJ0-004 Swing arm needle bearing alternative for 91071-MJ0-003, 1 needed for left hand side of swing arm
CB-1 91205-965-003 Swing arm bearing dust seal (22x31x5)
CB-1 91213-MB2-003 Swing arm bearing dust seal (22x35x7)
CB-1 91213-MB2-006 Swing arm bearing dust seal (22x35x7) alternative for 91213-MB2-003
CB-1 94520-35000 C-clip 35mm for swing arm  
CB-1 87120-KAF-300ZC Fuel tank mark type 3, red and gold sticker for '89-90JP(Color NH-1) Qty: 2 for left and right
CB-1 87120-KAF-770ZA Fuel tank mark (for US) is also red sticker, different design
CB-1 18291-MN4-920 Exhaust gasket set of 4 needed
CB-1 93700-060500G Stop ring Stop ring for handlebar weight
CB-1 13011-MV4-305 Piston rings Piston and oil rings, if frame # starts with NC27-1080001-.......(FK,FK-2,FL,FL-2 models)
CB-1 13011-KAF-000 Piston rings Piston and oil rings, if frame # starts starts with any other number after NC27- (FM,FM-2 models)

Part numbers from other Honda models which might be interchangeable

model part # Description More info
NTV 16710-MS9-000 Fuel pump Pump identical to CB-1 on several Honda models, connector might be different. BTW, if anybody knows of an affordable replacement for the fuel pump, let me know. The price of the Honda pump is outrageous. Has Mitsubishi logo and code "UC-Z6K Y-5-1"
NTV ? Front brake master cylinder My CB-1 has a master cylinder from a '93 NTV. The model is different, but it's a bolt-on.
Hawk ? Mirrors  
Hawk ? Headlight  


I've been carefull when adding part numbers, but I haven't checked them all against genuine Honda micro fiches or whatever. So don't blame me if you end up with a Goldwing stereo set when you thought you ordered CB-1 brake pads. Sit back, relax and enjoy the music ;-)

If you don't feel competent to service any of the above parts (or any other part of your bike for that matter), take it to a competent mechanic and get him to do it for you. Remember your safety depends on your bike being in good condition. If in doubt, don't risk it.....

Finally, Dutch regulations are not extremely strict on modifications that do not alter the engine's power or noise production. But fitting other than standard parts is not allowed in many other countries. I know for instance that things are different in Germany, the UK, USA and New Zealand. Check your local regulations before making any modifications to your bike.


Thanks to Boris, Ron and Manabu Saito for supplying me with most of the above numbers!

Do you know of more part numbers or good replacement parts to add? Let me know!

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